Confidentiality Is Vital in Discipleship

Your disciples may need to open their hearts to confess ugly, embarrassing sins. They need to do this to find true healing. James 5:16 says we can’t be healed until we confess our sins to one another. If your disciple has a deep addiction, confession is necessary for freedom!

But you must be 100% committed to confidentiality. When your disciple bares his soul to you, cover his sins with the blood of Jesus and NEVER tell others what he said. 1 Peter 4:8 says: “Love covers a multitude of sins.” You are betraying your disciple if you tell others about his private confession. Unless he confesses to child sexual abuse or murder (which you are required by law to report to the police) his confession is between you and him. Your disciple needs a “safe place” to heal. Don’t disrespect him by sharing private information.


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You Must Learn to ‘Chew’ the Bible

One of the best ways to study the Bible is to read one book at a time (such as Romans or Isaiah) and slowly “chew” on each verse. The biblical word “meditate” means “to chew,” as a cow chews its cud over and over. The more you read a passage, the more “juice” you squeeze out of it!

Another great method is a word study. You can pick a biblical word such as heaven, hell, salvation, mercy, Holy Spirit, doubt, healing or justice. Any word! Then use Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (it’s online at eliyah. com) to read all the verses in which the word appears. You can also see the original Hebrew or Greek meaning of the word. Doing a word study will soak your mind with God’s truth concerning a topic you need to understand. Joshua 1:8 promises if you meditate on His Word every day, you will be successful. Try it! ”


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Make God’s Word Your Priority

By definition, a disciple is a “student.” You can’t be a true disciple if you don’t study God’s Word. And studying is not the same as casual reading. If you want to grow to maturity, you must dig in the Word as if you were mining for gold.

When I study, I read a Bible passage numerous times. I ponder every word, as if I were looking at each sentence with a magnifying glass. I write down my impressions. Then sometimes I look up the verse in my Strong’s Concordance and write down the Greek or Hebrew definitions. During this process the Holy Spirit shines His light on the Word and I receive divine revelation. Proverbs 3:13-15 says that finding wisdom from God is better than finding precious jewels. If you dig diligently in the Bible you will find priceless treasure!


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How Many Disciples Can You Mentor?

I’m often asked how many disciples one person can mentor. I believe you can mentor people at various levels. Jesus called 12 men to follow Him closely, and He discipled a group of women (Luke 8:1-3). He also trained a group of 70 in ministry (Luke 10:1), and He preached to crowds. But Jesus invested more time in three followers (Peter, James and John) and John seemed to have the deepest revelation of the Savior because He had such close access to Him.

Jesus did not invest the same amount of time in everyone. He influenced people on different levels, but He focused on the few. Don’t spread yourself too thin. There is no set number of disciples you can mentor. But regardless of how many people you influence, make sure you invest your most quality time in the “Johns” whom God has put closest to you.


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