Learn the Secret of Consistency in Discipleship

Last week we talked about the importance of study in your spiritual growth. But you don’t have to read 3 books a week and pray for 2 hours a day to make progress. The Christian life is compared to a “walk” (Romans 6:4) as well as a “race” (Hebrews 12:1). Isaiah said strong believers both “walk” and “run” (Isa. 40:31). The key is to move forward!

Any fitness instructor will tell you that 15 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise. Yet many people assume if they can’t lift weights in a gym for an hour they won’t make any progress. The same principle applies to spiritual fitness. If you can’t study for an hour, read the Bible for 20 minutes. If you can’t pray for an hour, pray for 15 minutes. Baby steps are better than no steps. Start moving! Then be consistent. You will see progress, and it will motivate you to run faster and grow stronger in Christ!