Five Effective Ways to Mentor Others

When Jesus made disciples, He rarely did it with a lecture. He invested personal time. Mark 3:14 says Jesus “appointed twelve, so that they WOULD BE WITH HIM and that He could send them out to preach.” Relationships come first, then ministry. But how do you structure time with your disciples? I do it in several ways:

** Small groups. A regular gathering of 2 to 12 people is an effective format.

** One-on-one meetings. Face-to-face is best, but sometimes I do a “coffee break” with someone overseas on FaceTime. I also do lots of phone calls and texting.

** Ministry trips. I love to take disciples with me when I preach. They have full access to me on the trip and they grow remarkably as they watch God move.

** Group retreats. Jesus often pulled His disciples away from the busyness of life to invest in them (see Mark 6:31-2). ** Just doing life. The most powerful moments of impartation happen spontaneously—especially over a meal! Time with your disciples is a priceless gift!