Let God Do His Work to Change People

Moses turned water into blood—that was the first of 10 deadly plagues in Egypt. But Jesus turned water into wine—that was His first miracle (see John 2:7-11). This shows us the difference between the law and grace. The law can’t change people; it only brings the stench of guilt. But when a person believes in Jesus, his nature changes on the inside. A true Christian does not have to sweat or strive to change; instead, Jesus brings joyful transformation.

Always trust in God’s grace as you mentor others. It’s not up to you to change people. You are not the Holy Spirit. You can instruct, encourage and correct, but God’s life-giving power is working in your disciples. Expect to see powerful changes. As the Spirit works, they will defeat sinful habits, grow in faith, develop character and discover their spiritual gifts. You will see a miracle!