Give Your Disciples Your Time

I love to read about the apostle Paul’s journeys—not just because of the adventure, the miracles or the narrow escapes, but also because of the way Paul modeled relational discipleship. He invested so much time in those he mentored. The Bible says Paul and his team “spent a long time with the disciples” in Antioch (Acts 14:28). When he visited the church in Troas, Paul and his team “stayed seven days” (Acts. 20:6). When he landed in Tyre, he looked for the disciples and stayed with them for another seven days (Acts 21:4).

Discipleship is a time investment. You have to make it a priority. Don’t shortchange those you mentor. And remember that you can give your time even if you are not present with them. You can call, text or e-mail. Paul was not always with his disciples but he wrote to them, and his letters make up a lot of the New Testament. His investment in them lives on today for us!