Never Overlook Those Who Serve With You

When Peter wrote his first epistle, he got help from Silvanus (also known as Silas), who served the early church and traveled with Paul. Peter said: “Through Silvanus, our faithful brother (for so I regard him), I have written to you briefly” (1 Peter 5:12). Because Peter lacked education, scholars believe he needed Silvanus to be a scribe and editor for him.

Peter was a powerful apostle, but he couldn’t fulfill his ministry without other gifted people on his team. That’s why he raved about his beloved companion, calling him “faithful.” You should do the same. You should brag about those who serve with you, and give them the credit they deserve. Don’t be so insecure that you can’t praise others. Don’t overlook them—let them share the spotlight. Don’t make ministry about you. Be thankful for every Silvanus that God sends to help you!