Disciples Don’t Quit When Things Get Tough

I love my ministry work, but it’s not easy. Part of my job involves trusting God to provide funds to pay for overseas missions projects. God has provided miraculously in the past. But sometimes it’s so discouraging to look at my bank account and see the numbers going down instead of up. Sometimes I feel like quitting because nothing is happening after I pray.

That’s when I remember 1 Timothy 6:12, which says, “Fight the good fight of faith.” Paul explains here that faith is a struggle. The word “fight” in this verse is the Greek word “agon,” from which we get the word “agony.” Walking by faith is not for wimps. It is intense warfare! When you trust God for a miracle, you may feel like all hell is against you. Yet Paul also calls us to wage a “good fight.” That means you must give it your all. Fight like a champion. Keep believing. Quitting is not an option. You will grow stronger through this fight, and you will win because God is with you.