You Must Learn to ‘Chew’ the Bible

One of the best ways to study the Bible is to read one book at a time (such as Romans or Isaiah) and slowly “chew” on each verse. The biblical word “meditate” means “to chew,” as a cow chews its cud over and over. The more you read a passage, the more “juice” you squeeze out of it!

Another great method is a word study. You can pick a biblical word such as heaven, hell, salvation, mercy, Holy Spirit, doubt, healing or justice. Any word! Then use Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (it’s online at eliyah. com) to read all the verses in which the word appears. You can also see the original Hebrew or Greek meaning of the word. Doing a word study will soak your mind with God’s truth concerning a topic you need to understand. Joshua 1:8 promises if you meditate on His Word every day, you will be successful. Try it! ”