Focus on the One, Not the Crowd

A few weeks ago I spoke at a church in Virginia where Brandon McPherson is the young adult pastor. I’ve been mentoring Brandon for a few years. I was glad I could speak at his church, and we had powerful services. The congregation was blessed. But my main goal that weekend was to spend time with Brandon. When I go on a ministry trip my focus is not on the crowd. I focus on the one.

The apostle Paul often preached to crowds. But he spent most of his time with his disciples, and he gave special attention to Timothy. The result was that Timothy carried Paul’s heart. Paul said of him: “I have sent to you Timothy…and he will remind you of my ways” (1 Cor. 4:17). Crowd ministry is necessary, and can result in changed lives. But you will make the most lasting impact if you reproduce yourself in the one. Then, when you die, the next generation will carry on!