Jesus Wants You to Work Yourself Out of a Job

More than 10 years ago I began mentoring a Slavic guy named Alex. He introduced me to another Russian-speaking guy, also named Alex. They’ve become like sons. This week we are ministering together in Central Asia. It’s a great joy for me to preach in Russian-speaking countries with Alex #1 and #2 and their friends!

My mentor, Barry, taught me years ago that Jesus had a four-step process for discipleship. 1) “I DO IT.” Jesus taught and worked miracles. 2) “I DO IT AND THEY ARE WITH ME.” Jesus ministered while His disciples watched and learned. 3) “THEY DO IT AND I AM WITH THEM.” Jesus pushed His disciples to preach, heal and cast out demons while He coached them. 4) “THEY DO IT AND I ENCOURAGE FROM THE BACKGROUND.” Jesus handed over His work to us. Now we minister as His Spirit empowers us. Your job as a mentor is to work yourself out of a job!