Do Your Want the Disciple John’s Closeness With God?

The apostle John is considered Jesus’ closest disciple. He was in Jesus’ inner circle with Peter and James. During the Last Supper, John sat next to Jesus and leaned His head on His chest (John 13:24-25). John enjoyed a close and affectionate relationship with the Savior. And John referred to himself five times as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”

Jesus didn’t love John more than the other disciples. John simply had a deeper revelation of Christ’s love. He pressed in. He was the only one of the 12 disciples who risked watching the crucifixion. And in the end, John wrote the last “Amen” at the end of the Bible! I want to remind you that intimacy with Jesus is available to you. Don’t let sin, shame or failure keep you at a distance. Jesus invites you to lean on His chest, listen to His heartbeat and hear His life-changing words. You too can be “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”