Let Your Disciples See How God Works Through You

When Jesus went to pray for Jarius’ daughter, He allowed Peter, James and John to stay with him in the room. They were watching when Jesus sent all the mourners out. Jesus took the dead child’s hand and said, “Talitha kum!” which means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”—and she was raised to life (see Mark 5:41).

This miracle was repeated in Acts 9 when Peter prayed for Tabitha, a woman who had died. Peter sent everyone out of the room and said to the corpse, “Tabitha, arise” (Acts 9:40). Peter copied what He had seen Jesus do, and the miracle was repeated. Your disciples are listening to what you teach, but they are also watching your actions. Be a model of faith. Don’t just talk; be an example. This is why I take people with me on ministry trips. They need more than theories and doctrines—they need to see how you pray, how you treat people and how you face trials. Let them get close. When they see how God works through you, they will let Him work through them!