You Must Be Broken to Impact Others

When Jesus fed the crowd of 5,000 in Mark 6:33-44, He did four things. 1) He took the bread and the fish, 2) He blessed the food, 3) He broke the food and 4) He gave the food to the multitude (see verse 41). This is how God works with us. He takes us, He blesses us, He breaks us and then He shares His life through us.

If you want to be used by God, you cannot skip the third step. We love to be blessed, but few of us want to be broken. But if you have not been broken you cannot reach your full potential. Your influence will be determined by how much you allow the brokenness of God in your life. God uses trials and difficulties to form your character. Embrace your trials and let God shape you. Submit to His dealings. In the end, your life will touch a multitude.

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Don’t Rush the Character-Building Process

God shapes leaders by hand, and this is a slow, tedious process. He sent Moses to the wilderness to form his character, and Moses endured years of labor, trials and disappointments. But it was in the wilderness that Moses saw the burning bush and heard God’s calling. His spiritual roots went deep in those dry times. His leadership gifts were forged in the fires of testing.

I endured seasons of hardship before every promotion in my life. I worked really hard, I felt lonely and unappreciated, and I worked for bosses who were difficult. But the fire prepared me for the ministry work I do now. 1 Peter 5:6 says: “Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that you may be exalted at the proper time.” Don’t try to exalt yourself. Don’t try to rush through the character-building process. Don’t avoid the fire or look for shortcuts. Surrender fully to God and let Him chisel you into His man.

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