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We are hungry for a deeper encounter with God! We are in need of deeper relationships to help our spiritual growth! And that is why we are doing Bold Venture!

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    from Lee

    Jesus Wants You to Work Yourself Out of a Job

    More than 10 years ago I began mentoring a Slavic guy named Alex. He introduced me to another Russian-speaking guy,…

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    Discipleship Requires a Financial Investment

    When I was preaching in Florida last month I invited eight guys I’ve mentored to a special dinner. I encouraged…

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    Five Effective Ways to Mentor Others

    When Jesus made disciples, He rarely did it with a lecture. He invested personal time. Mark 3:14 says Jesus “appointed…

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    How to Respond When a Disciple Pulls Away

    Your disciples will go through hard times. They will face tests, trials and temptations. They will have freak-out moments. They…

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    Learn the Secret of Consistency in Discipleship

    Last week we talked about the importance of study in your spiritual growth. But you don’t have to read 3…

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