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Are you hungry for a deeper encounter with God? Do you need deeper relationships to help you grow spiritually? You should join us at Bold Venture!

Bold Venture is not really a conference. It’s an organic network of men and women who believe we must have authentic relationships in order to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Our three-day retreats are not just about listening to speakers, even though we have great ones. We build our events around intense worship, inspirational teaching and lots of fellowship around meals and in small groups. And we emphasize the importance of mentoring because Jesus spent most of His time discipling His followers. I hope you will join us this year for an event near you!

Lee Grady
Director Bold Venture

Upcoming Events

    Real disciples make disciples. They don’t just sit in pews year after year like spectators.

    “When Jesus called His disciples, He appointed them “so that they would be with Him and that He could send them out to preach” (Mark 3:14). Jesus’ first desire was for a relationship; the work of the ministry was secondary. Today we have switched this—our focus is on the work, and the importance of relationships is minimized.”



    Discipleship Tips from Lee

    “I invest a lot of my time in training and encouraging young leaders. I started these weekly texts as an extra way to stay in close touch with the guys and girls I’m discipling. Each week I give them a practical tip about some aspect of spiritual growth.”

    – Lee Grady